Mtgo League Matchmaking

I’m at 2 match wins, 5 losses and i haven’t won a match since round 1. One of my two match wins was due to my opponent inexplicably conceding the match to me partway through game 1! My initial 6 boosters gave me pretty dud cards to work with, 2 showlands, a confirm suspicion foil! I don’t mind this as I enjoy the challenge of trying to build a decent deck out of a poor card pool however usually when playing sealed at the LGS they pair off the losers with the other losers so generally toward the end you can still have fun games even though your deck is rubbish. I’ve stuck it out so far thinking cause I “won” round 1 I was put in a harder pool for round 2. I’ve been hoping things should even out in round three when I’m playing against the other folks with crappy decks but in my first match of round 3 I just got flogged by an opponent running an avacyn, a gittrog monster and a tireless tracker. Does anyome know how MTGO is selecting my league opponents?

Mtgo league matchmaking

Mtgo league matchmaking – the wait isn’t too long for a league match. League play is a form of sealed deck. Magic Online Leagues Update. Additional league matches played during that week mtgo league matchmaking only towards players’ tiebreaker points. When you complete a five match league run for the first time ever you will get 1 tik credit To export your deck from Magic Online.

Each match is best two out of three games, with a minute time limit.

After we’ve deployed, you’ll notice a couple changes to the Magic Online client. First, a featured League section will show up on the Home Scene, letting you know which League or Leagues are available to join.

It sounds like just my thing. Sealed, on your own schedule. The only downside is… mtgo, but I digress. So this is my pool! Yeah… Whoa it was quite overwhelming at first. So I just clicked around the colors.

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Magic and further[ edit edit source ] This ongoing, five-week tournament was played in local game and hobby stores around the world, a month after each a new card set was released. This sealed deck tournament followed up on Game Day events and uses the Standard format. Each participant should play three matches per week, for a total of fifteen over the course of the league.

Players joining the league late could play extra matches to catch up to the current match cap of three times the current total of weeks of the league. Over the course of the league, players were able to add more boosters to their league deck.

Right now the test league, as I was just on tonight, was around 85 people. The league that opens next weekend will start with a cap of 1, and scale from there. I think most of these issues will go away as the number of people playing increases. I’ve had to wait up to 10 minutes for a .

Mtgo League Matchmaking You can click on any of the buttons to the left to get started. Then you can click any of the links for more information. How to build a completely new deck. Today I want to talk about the problem with Magic and Magic Online thats been swept. This, by the way, is the reason why Magic Online is such a terrible game to. Weve heard this story about the return of leagues numerous times before. League Matchmaking Update Wizards has rolled out a new matching algorithm that finds matches between players with similar records more.

But unlike chess League of Legends and magic have a great variance from. Sc2 uses some sort of ELO hidden system for matchmaking but. Magic General For discussion of everything to do with. Related opinion polls are allowed in the. The Gathering Net Decks,.

League Event Structures

Each win gets you an increasing number of Play Points. What is the closed date and why is it a couple days before the end date? The closed date represents when players can no longer join the League. Players who have a course in progress can still continue normally.

Nov 18,  · The BebbMeister takes Abzan Counters Company through his first competitive Magic the Gathering modern league on MTGO. Modern league – Match 5 verses Burn – 18 November

Greetings Magic Online players, It’s been too long since my last Leagues update and, as you may have noticed, the first half of is over and you are not currently playing in a League. That will change soon. While it has been a longer journey than any of us would have liked, I’m excited to share the current project status and what you can expect from Leagues in the near future. Let’s jump right in and discuss when we’re launching, what we’re launching, and some of the reasons behind these decisions.

If you’re not familiar with what a League is, check out the bottom of the article to learn more. When We’re Launching Soon! I know we’ve said that before, but we’ve passed our last few milestones and are currently doing final preparations for release to production right now! If all our final pre-production testing goes well which we fully expect , we will be deploying the initial Leagues code to Magic Online on August 26, with first public access in mid-September.

Once deployed, we will need some additional testing on the live production servers to verify that everything is solid and the system is stable, so players won’t be able to join a League right at launch. Once this initial testing is done, however, we’ll slowly open the gates to the public until we reach our initial capacity levels.

We expect this roll out process to take several weeks and plan to hit our initial capacity target in time for the Battle for Zendikar release. What We’re Launching On August 26, we will be releasing the infrastructure updates, administration tool updates, and client updates that allow us to support Constructed Leagues with an active player cap significantly higher than anything we’ve done on Magic Online in the past. So we’re clear, let me repeat that.

Magic Online Leagues Update


To get a match in Magic Online go to Constructed Open Play, Just for Fun on Magic Online and create a Freeform game with “Penny Dreadful” in the comments.



MTGO Traders League. Sign Up Here. Each league lasts roughly a month. The current league will run until December 1st. You can sign up at any time. When you complete a five match league run for the first time ever you will get 1 tik credit with MTGO Traders (at the end of the month).



Well, given the limited number of players, it is sometimes impossible for MTGO to pair you with opponents with the exact same record as yours. However, that should be more of a problem in other leagues with less people than in Sealed League, which has ~ players (against like of others).



*If a player timed out, select the result corresponding to that players match wins.



The official blog of Magic Online. wizardsmtgo. The official Magic Online Tumblr Hopefully this helps your understanding of league matchmaking! – Lee *** Note that, for the purpose of a rematch, it only counts whether you have both played each other in your current course. If A and B play, and that finishes A’s course but B is still in.


Magic the Gathering Leagues Announcement

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