Chart Book: The Legacy of the Great Recession

January 29, Most Recent Probability Available: November For a time series of smoothed probabilities back to June , select one of the following: Monthly smoothed recession probabilities are calculated from a dynamic-factor Markov-switching DFMS model applied to four monthly coincident variables: Smoothed recession probabilities calculated from the same DFMS model, but using maximum likelihood estimation techniques are produced monthly by Marcelle Chauvet: The differences between the two sets of probabilities are primarily due to the priors used in Bayesian estimation of the model, which tend to make the probabilities calculated using Bayesian techniques less sensitive to incoming data. For an analysis of the performance of the model for identifying new turning points in real time, see: Smoothed recession probabilities will be revised over time as additional data becomes available, and as initially released data is revised.

I’m calling a UK recession if this Brexit bedlam isn’t sorted out soon

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EconTalk host Russ Roberts interviews Bob Hall about the current state of the U.S. economy and what we know and don’t know about the recovery from the Great Recession. David Beckworth in his blog, Macro and Other Market Musings, interviews Bob Hall on such topics as NBER recession dating, zero lower bound, secular stagnation, and monetary policy.

In fact, a whole lot more is definitely going on, especially as it pertains to the current state of relationships between many Americans. Materialism and the notion of having nice things are concepts that have been literally thrown out of the window. Many have experienced drastic trials and tribulations over the past several years, some large, some minute, so naturally events have had a negative affect on many relationships. About 12 percent report either difficulty making mortgage payments or a home foreclosure.

Another 29 percent indicate they have experienced unemployment or reduced pay or hours as a result of the economic downturn. However, while 29 percent of couples reported that the downturn has brought financial stress to their marriages, another 29 percent agreed that the recession led them to deepen their commitment to their marriages.

Additionally, among married Americans who said they were considering divorce or separation prior to the recession about 5 percent of all respondents in the survey , 38 percent said that the recession caused them to work harder at saving their marriage. According to the NY Times , those in the online dating industry say the increased traffic can be explained by at least a few factors:

Sex, Dating & the Recession

However, NBER in its recent statement said not yet. It is early days still: The committee reviewed the most recent data for all indicators relevant to the determination of a possible date of the trough in economic activity marking the end of the recession that began in December

Oct 10,  · Recessionary Dating Rule No. 1: Flowers or chocolates, not both. Actually, maybe neither. And no three-course meals at four-star restaurants — you’ll make your credit cards weep. (I .

Commodity prices fell dramatically. Trade was disrupted by pirates, leading to the First Barbary War. Along with trade restrictions imposed by the British, shipping-related industries were hard hit. The Federalists fought the embargo and allowed smuggling to take place in New England. Trade volumes, commodity prices and securities prices all began to fall. Macon’s Bill Number 2 ended the embargoes in May , and a recovery started.

The decline was brief primarily because the United States soon increased production to fight the War of , which began June 18,

Retailers on verge of a ‘recession’

The results are surprising because they fly in the face of what evolutionary psychologists expect from women’s mate choices. According to evolutionary theory, women will seek men who provide resources and protection. The new study found that women do still prefer high earners for long-term partnerships and marriage, but that for the short term they seem less concerned about snagging a macho man during a recession.

The researchers wondered whether the economic doldrums would change what women wanted in a man. So they created mock online profiles of a man looking for a relationship.

A View from the NBER Recession Indicators The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) sets the official dates for the beginning and end of recessions. periods of recession, this uncertainty about the end of the recession becomes understandable. The NBER defines a recession as a “significant.

Background[ edit ] Throughout and , the economy was weakening as a result of restrictive monetary policy enacted by the Federal Reserve. At the time, the stated policy of the Fed was to reduce inflation, a process which limited economic expansion. Another factor that may have contributed to the weakening of the economy, was the passing of the Tax Reform Act of which led to the end of the real estate boom of the early to mid ‘s resulting in sinking property values, lowered investment incentives, and job loss.

Measurable changes in GDP growth began to emerge in the first quarter of , however, overall growth remained positive. The immediate cause of the recession was a loss of consumer and business confidence as a result of the oil price shock , coupled with an already weak economy. The Labor Department estimates that as a result of the recession, the economy shed 1. The bulk of these losses were in construction and manufacturing. Gross domestic product grew at a slow and erratic pace in the year that followed the official March end of the recession, but picked up pace in Exports, typically a driver of economic recovery, weakened due to persistent economic problems in Europe and Japan.

Recession boost for online dating sites

Sectoral financial balances in U. By definition, the three balances must net to zero. Since , the U. A poll found that more than half of all Americans thought that the U.

Jun 25,  · Recession Causes Increase in Teen Dating Violence [Original article here, the relevant parts are reproduced below] Teens are experiencing an alarmingly high level of abuse in their dating relationships, which the economic recession has appeared to make worse, according to a .

By Sarah Butler 8: The Nasdaq-listed company does not usually break out the performance of its international business but did reveal that international subscribers rose by 6pc in the third quarter of this year. Match has said it sees Europe as the engine of growth over the next few years as growth in the more mature US online dating market has slowed considerably. It said international growth was driven by the UK and Scandinavia.

A spokesperson for Match said: The latest figures from tracking agency Nielsen Online indicate a 15pc rise in unique users visiting online dating sites in November compared with the same month last year. In the past year the number of visitors to such sites has risen 20pc on top of a 9pc rise the year before. Companies such as Match and EasyDate, which owns the SpeedDater, DatetheUK and BeNaughty brands, say they have seen some of their best days of trading since the collapse of Lehman Brothers ramped up global financial turmoil in September.

Ross Williams, founder and chairman of WhiteLabelDating. Mark Brooks, an internet dating analyst, says: Her site expects a big jump in subscribers in January — the most popular period for daters to get online. The month-on-month rise in visitors to internet dating sites in general soars by 14pc in January compared to an average of 2pc over the year, according to data from Nielsen Online. The dating sites that will make it will be the ones that concentrate on fair pricing and customer service excellence.

Sharing the pain

Definition[ edit ] In a New York Times article, economic statistician Julius Shiskin suggested several rules of thumb for defining a recession, one of which was two down consecutive quarters of GDP. Some economists prefer a definition of a 1. The NBER defines an economic recession as: In the United Kingdom , recessions are generally defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, as measured by the seasonal adjusted quarter-on-quarter figures for real GDP.

The NBER’s Business Cycle Dating Committee defines a recession as at least two consecutive quarters of falling real GDP. False Aggregate expenditure includes consumption spending, unplanned investment spending, government purchases, and net exports.

Dating in a recession. Or at least, more practical. I guess for me the big question is despite one’s financial status in this economy is it possible to look past financial difficulties? Depends on a whole lot of other factors we ain’t privvy to Bailing out on your education is never a good idea. It’s not going to get any cheaper, you know, and you aren’t getting any younger. But that’s just my opinion backed up with two very simple facts. I am wondering if this is a turn-off.

‘Alpha Males’ Less Interesting To Women During Recession, Study Suggests

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. As I sit writing this article, I am listening to the radio and a commercial that makes my ears perk up. There is actually an ad on the radio promoting personal “lubricants” from a website. I had to ask my friend, do you ever recall hearing ads for these products on the radio during peak family listening times?

Neither of us can recall anything quite so blatant as an “intimate” product being broadcast during early evening hours.

May 04,  · Recent anecdotal evidence suggests that people are not dating less because of the recession; instead, online dating sites are reporting double .

After all, for many people there is not much point in focusing on career goals or pay rises at the moment. While some couples postpone plans for a family, waiting anxiously for an upturn in their fortunes, others are throwing caution to the wind. So could the recession, in fact, be the best time to have a baby? Anna, 37, from Yorkshire, has just had her fourth child, conceived at the end of last year. Too many people worry about the cost of children, but the reward you get is priceless.

Traditionally the birth rate plummets at times like these. During the Great Depression of the s the worldwide birth rate fell by a tenth compared with the 20s. There was a similar dip in the UK in the 70s during tough economic times, and the same happened in the US in the early 90s over a rocky month period. Current statistics are showing mixed signs. On the one hand, the birth rate is rising among migrants: But these were babies conceived at the end of the financial boom years: The overall rate still stands at 1.

She was made redundant from her accounting job at the end of last year, and is now in temporary work. A few weeks after being made redundant, she found out she was pregnant by her new boyfriend.

Dating In a Recession

First, the announcements often come long after the event. Second, outsiders might wonder perhaps without justification whether the dates of announcements are entirely independent of political considerations. For example, there might be some benefit to the presidential incumbent of delaying a declaration that a recession had started or accelerating a declaration that a recession had ended.

Traffic on free online dating sites has spiked, a trend fueled by the recession and by daters’ realization that finding love for free beats paying, reports BusinessWeek. “If it’s free.

Which organization determines whether the U. June Despite boasts during the boom years of the late s about taming business cycle downturns, the U. This recession ended a ten-year period of expansion in the national economy, the longest expansion in U. Official business cycle dates—the peaks and troughs in the economy that define recessions and expansions—in the U.

A private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization founded in , the NBER is dedicated to understanding how the economy works. Today it has over university professors and researchers who conduct empirical research on the economy as Bureau associates. The committee is comprised of a small group of leading business cycle experts. This group reviews a variety of economic statistics and indicators of U. A list of U. Official Recessions and Expansions The NBER web site describes a recession and the types of economy-wide economic data used to identify a recession in the U.

A recession is a significant decline in activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, visible in industrial production, employment, real income, and wholesale-retail trade.

The Recession Has (Officially) Ended

Find an Event Near You! I live in or near: Find My Event It’s true times are scary right now economically. Many of us have had to make adjustments to our budgets and lifestyles to accommodate the changes in the economy. When there are feelings of uncertainty in our lives, it’s a natural response to not want to go through it alone; our desire to date and look for love can be even stronger than usual. But contrary to this emotional desire, our “intellectual” side may be telling us to put our dating life on hold while there’s a recession going on.

The recession that began in December wasn’t officially proclaimed by the National Bureau of Economic Research’s recession-dating committee until a year had gone by. Forecasters saw the chances of a recession rise back in and in ; both turned out to be false alarms.

However a recession is a possibility, and the following describes how NBER differentiates between a “double dip” and a new recession. It is always difficult to tell when a recession has ended, especially with a sluggish recovery. If the economy slides back into recession – a possibility right now – the NBER has to decide if it is a continuation of the previous recession, or if the new period of economic decline is a new separate recession. This is just a technical question: So what exactly is a ‘double-dip’ recession?

We can use the NBER memos from that period to look for clues. From July 8, announcing the end of the recession: An important factor influencing that decision is that most major indicators, including real GNP, are already close to or above their previous highs.

Recession Dating by Andre Rehal

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